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                  Malaysia Customer Ordered One Ton Pellet Mill

                  TIME:2016-04-05 14:06:29  WRITER:JINAN GLOBAL MACHINE MANUFACTURER

                  Malaysia Customer in May 8, 2014 successfully ordered a vertical ring die pellet mill GL560, the client in March 2014 to visit our company, and ultimately determine us as his supplier. This customer is Malaysia dealers, customers have been focused on selling wood related machines, wood chippers for the Malaysian market, accordingly the hot desire of Malaysia market, so that they could order a pellet mill as a prototype to develop the Malaysian market!

                  We, as earlier in the development of sales of this pellet mill machines, machine installation and commissioning of professional manufacturers, to obtain the trust of customers, and eventually reached the intention to buy!

                  Customer market for the Malaysian market is full of hope, it is hoped that in there as our agent for long-term cooperation, and we are in the best interests to the principle of dealers, and finally reach a sales agreement with them!


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