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                  Malaysia customer ordered hammer mill again

                  TIME:2016-04-05 14:53:16  WRITER:JINAN GLOBAL MACHINE MANUFACTURER

                  Last year, the customers who have ordered our vertical ring die granulating machine GL560, based on customer feedback, this equipment is currently running well, production has stabilized more than 10 tons per day. So the customers this time ordered a hammer mill to enlarge his raw material scope.

                  Mr Li ordered with pellet machines for the raw material of rice husk, other customers used to do basic sawdust pellets. During the visiting period, for our direct press rice hush to be pellets, and later through our experiments, the customer was skeptical, eventually we use facts to convince the customers! Customers are very satisfied with the order first before

                  And now the customers are ready to expand production ability, and then on a big output pellet mill project, the details are under negotiation. We passed a partnership, both sides are convinced that future cooperation is very happy!


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