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                  Hammer mill Delivery to Zhejiang Province

                  TIME:2016-04-27 15:23:35  WRITER:JINAN GLOBAL MACHINE MANUFACTURER

                  April 20, 2015, Mr.Xu from Zhejiang province ordered two tons hammer mill finally completed delivery, this hammer mill mainly working together with their previous building templates crusher, so that construction waste waste can be made into wood pellets to supply aluminum smelters.
                  Currently aluminum smelters factories all onver Zhejiang province are using wood pellets, so that wood chipper and sawdust pellet mill, hammer mills are particularly welcome.
                  This client requires clean install, so we are loading a full six meters of the truck. 
                  Delivery finished, following will be installation and guarantee terms, so that our service has just begin! We look forward to further cooperation!


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