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                  Dubai Customer Ordered a Small Chicken Feed Pellet Line

                  TIME:2016-04-27 15:32:53  WRITER:JINAN GLOBAL MACHINE MANUFACTURER

                  April 2015 Our Foreign Business Department has received a letter of inquiry from Dubai customers, he is interested in the chicken feed pellet line, the output is not high, he only want to purchase one line for test the market, and he want to be our dealer there, under tens of email communication, customer chose our factory as his supplier, so final successfully ordered a sample line.
                  If our manufacturing processes and the use of performance equipment to meet the needs of customers, then customers will try late given a 20-feet container.
                  We are very pleased to do business with this customer understand two weeks time, and thanks a lot for his great confidence in us! We do not make any customer disappointed!

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