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                  One Ton Pellet Mill GL560 Delivery to Xinjiang Province

                  TIME:2016-06-24 14:57:29  WRITER:JINAN GLOBAL MACHINE MANUFACTURER



                  One of our Xinjiang Province Client gave us good news that the pellet mill GL560 which he ordered last April bearings are not changed any more, it means the machine roller bearings is already working for one year, and he changed three times of ring die and roller wraps. His wood pellet mill is making the pine wood sawdust pellets.

                  This client was talking with us for the details for half an year, and finally choose us as his supplier because of and higher quality, of course the price and after-sell service is also his key consider points. This is the farthest client in China.

                  The model GL560 is the most competitive model in the market, so when some client want to purchase the 2 tons or 3 tons or 5 tons pellet making line, we always advise the client to choose some sets of GL560 in one line. As the exact reason, we will tell you in the technical articles later.

                  If you also have such kind of requirement, please feel free to connect us through Email: info@chinapelletline.com or chinapelletline@gmail.com. We will give you answers within 12 hours. And we are always here to help you.

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