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                  Efficient pellet mills Advantages to make wood pellets

                  TIME:2016-04-27 15:15:45  WRITER:JINAN GLOBAL MACHINE MANUFACTURER

                  Efficient pellet mills Advantages to make wood pellets
                  The pellet mill works as the key machine in the complete pellet making line, the working ability and capacity decides the complete line working ability and capacity mostly.
                  Why to choose efficient pellet mill as the key pellet mill in the complete line, there are some advantages following:
                  Advantages of Efficient pellet mill Compared the ordinary flat die pellet mill:
                  Flat die pellet mill has two structures, roller rotary, and flat die rotary, however both have many disadvantages which is hard to get rid of.
                   (1) Flat Die rotates drives rollers rotary, the output will be effected as material is easily arched which lead to uneven feeding. 
                  (2)Rollers rotate while the die is static. This could avoid the arching of material, but centrifugal force is caused which will swing the material in the pelleting room to the periphery. And that will cause the upward flat die with evenly distributing pellet holes in it has no material to press in the center, then material piles up unevenly in thickness. 
                  But efficient pellet mill special structure fully use the centrifugal force which made by the rollers and ring die, so that the output will be more than 20% than the common structure; and the vertical ring die can as well as good use of the material arching.
                  Advantages of Efficient pellet mill compared with common ring die pellet mills:
                  The feed inlet of common ring die pellet mill is set in one side, so light material is hard to get into the pelleting room and other special force pressing device is needed, what’s more important, the lifetime of gearing(gear, bearing) is shorten as the pelleting room couldn’t dissipate the heat and be cooled. 
                  But efficient pellet mill will have so many advantages following:
                  1.Feed to press room directly, save power: the ordinary ring die is feed in one side, the light material is hard to get into pelleting room and other special force pressing device is needed. But efficient pellet mill pelleting room is at the top, the material can be down to it directly.
                  2.Upward mold, easier hear dissipation: the common ring die pelleting room is totally sealed, the hot air produced when pelleting cannot go out, but efficient pellet mill has a open top, so the hot air can be easily go out.
                  3.Pelleting room is big, so the bearings of roller is bigger. Efficient pellet mill adopts upward mold, special structure, vertically feeding and easier heat dissipation: feed the material into the pelleting room vertically and is well placed; no other auxiliary power device is needed. 
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