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                  Corn Cob Hammer Mill Working in Our Henan Province

                  TIME:2017-04-24 16:23:23  WRITER:JINAN GLOBAL MACHINE MANUFACTURER

                  This Corn Cob Hammer mill installed Henan Province, which is also our strong competitive hammer mill factories; This client has born in Hnen Province, and he said he know their local people very well and knows their local machines very well. Beucase he just started to do such corn cob business, so he need a strong machine with high quality to be as his support, so he visited Shandong Province. He has stayed in Jinan for 3 days and visited all the hammer mill factories, after that he confirmed us to be his supplier. He said, our honest attitade and professional experience persuded him.

                  Although this hammer mill is the commonset machines of our factory, Akthough it is just one small machine, we are trading every small or big client as our God, and always supply the high quality machine.  What does "high quality" means? It is not only one word or one sentence, it is our promise, we are making the machine in the thick steel, we are making the machine in good name bearing, we are making the machine in good hammers and mesh, we are making the machine in good electrical motor  and electricial control box. That is our "high quality". What we all do is for getting our "high quality" close to your "high quality." . We are keeping going!


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